Park and Trails Irrigation System Freeze Protection

In order to protect the irrigation system in the park and along the trails, we have drained the lines and covered all equipment connected.

This includes the water fountains in the parks and along the trails, as well as the community garden watering systems.

We apologize for any inconvenience however this is an important step in protecting the system. As soon as there are no longer any freeze threats in the near future, we will turn everything back on.

Wall on Bourgeois Update – November 2023

NWHCMUD6 has completed the bid process and have chosen a contractor for the wall on Bourgeois.  Fencecrete who has built the wall on Hollister and by the park has been chosen to complete this MUD project.

We anticipate the contract will be completed within a couple of weeks and an onsite meeting will be conducted.  The tentative construction start date will be in the Jan/Feb 2024 time frame.  Once we have a definite time frame for the start and completion of the project we will update this website.

Thank you for your patience on this project.

NWHCMUD 6 Terminates Stage 1 of The Drought Contingency Plan

North Harris County Regional Water Authority (NHCRWA), which provides water for Northwest Harris County (NWHC) MUD 6, is notifying the districts they serve to disregard past notifications of water rationing.  The Drought Contingency Plans for NWHC Mud #6 have been revised and there is no longer a need for water rationing.  However, please continue to conserve water to save our natural resources.