Recycling Collection Update – June 9, 2022

Dear valued customer,

Our crews are working hard to complete your recycle route; however, we are experiencing some delays. Should we not be able to service you before the end of the day, we will service you tomorrow.

Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience, and feel free to contact our customer service department with any questions or concerns.

Texas Pride Disposal
Phone: (281) 342-8178

Cutten Green Residents – Wall Project Update

Dear Residents,

This is a wall project update from your NWHC MUD 6 board of directors.  We have received authorization to proceed with three of the four sections of the wall.  The approved sections are Hollister Road, the three sides (east, south, and west) of the water storage facility on Bourgeois, and the east side of the new park.  The new park wall will run from Greens Road to Bourgeois.

The county has advised us to put the Bourgeois Road section on hold, until they decide if they will proceed with widening Bourgeois from Hollister west to the bridge over the drainage channel. They have not given us a time table for their decision on the Bourgeois widening, but we hope to hear from them in the next 90 days.

The estimated time table for the approved for permitting sections is as follows:

  • Plans for these sections will go out for bid in June
  • Bids will be received in 60 days from the date of their mailing in June
  • Review of the bids and the awarding of the contract will take 45 days
  • Contractor mobilization will take 30 days
  • Initiation of the wall construction is currently estimated to be November 1

Prior to the start of construction, affected residents will receive a detailed construction timeline. This will include, among other things, removal of the existing wood fencing along Hollister Road, the east side of our new park, and the three sides of the Bourgeois water storage plant. The existing fencing will be taken down, and the new wall built in sections to minimize the amount of time residents are without a permanent barrier at the rear of their respective properties.  Construction will take approximately four months to complete.

Should you have questions regarding this information, please go to the district’s website at  Click on the Contact icon in the blue bar at the top of the page.  A screen will pop up that will enable you to post your contact information and your question(s).  The district will monitor this site and respond to you.

Your board of directors looks forward to this next phase of this project, and the ultimate completion of a much safer, quieter, and more architecturally pleasing barrier to your sub division.


Board of Directors, NWHC MUD 6